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  projects by Adrian Woizik...

Documented projects:

All Documents are in PDF format and written in german. 
  • QoS in a student Dorm - Implementierung von Quality of Service im Wohnheim GHB (Adrian Woizik & Marcus Benedix)
  • QoS in a University - Implementierung von Quality of Service im Campus-Netz der Fachhochschule Furtwangen (Adrian Woizik & Marcus Benedix).
  • Mobile-Internet - Ausarbeitung zu der Vorlesung Pervasive Computing (Adrian Woizik & Marcus Benedix).
  • IDS - Using an IDS to track down abuse (Adrian Woizik & Thorsten Ziegler).
  • Mobile IPv6 - Testing the usability of current MobileIPv6 Implementations (still running)

Undocumented projects:

there is way too much to be mention here. Here's a small list with a brief description.
  • 802.11b Router based on
    1. HTTPS / X509 Client Cert
      The router passes only traffic from clients who authenticated via HTTPS and the right CERT. Config/Setup unfortunately neither saved nor documented :/
      There was no encryption with this method but it was the easiest way to get every OS through a 802.11 router.
    2. IPSec (preshared, x509)
      Still working. FreeBSD as the router with racoon. Clients FreeBSD/Linux/SSH Sentinal.
    3. mppd (PPTP)
      The poor mans VPN. Want it easy? You have some road-warriors? Take this. But don't think your safe with the data-encryption.
    The router was a FreeBSD-STABLE branch. The AccessPoint (Lucent RG1000 flashed to AP500) is connected via crossover to the box. IPFW (FreeBSD packetfilter) prevents traffic from going through.

  • DDoS detection based on Cisco Netflow data.
    This was (first) a small project in my internship at an ISP. The data collected via Netflow was analyzed by a perl script. The perl script was a proof-of-concept and worked quite well. Missing features to implement are: automated BGP/OSPF/name your routing protocol/etc updates.

  • Building your own Mail/Groupware Server with opensource products.
    If $BIGLINUXDISTRO could build and especialy sell one, why not using your own favorite tools?
    rabbit software AG (sigh, yes another insolvent startup firm) gave me the chance to build one. It was based on qmail + virtual user support, phpgroupware and some hacks / scripts which helped the admin creating new accounts.

  • Personalized Newsletter System
    rabbit also had a product for those personalized newsletters. But they needed to tune the MTA to serve 200.000 mails/hour. Here i started to test zmailer and had some test-beds running.
    Ok.. you could say that I shouldn't be proud of having contributed to spam, but the system was intended to send mails only to costumers who registered already. There's no need for a personalised Spamer if you only have an Email-Address list. :)

  • IPv6
    ... alot.. and still probably not enough :)

  • ...
i think there are alot more projects i've done in the past years. Maybe i'll remember some interesting stuff and add them. :)

Giving up and letting go are two different things.

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