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  • What does "yauw" mean?

                    ... check the FAQ

  • The history

    YaUW was formerly known as UnFUG.org. I started to host the domain in my first semester in Furtwangen. UnFUG is the Unix Friends & User Group of the University for applied science in Furtwangen.
    It has grown to a huge CMS-based site with slashcode. Most of the designs I made (or rather: slashcode made) for UnFUG.Org has now been transfered to yauw.de.

    I completely changed the site from mod_perl/slashcode to plain apache with SSI. All pages are maintained via CVS and automaticly checked out to the webserver

    SSI - Server Side Includes - is the best way to have a "CI" on every page without using an HTML-IDE. VIM & SSI is all you need.
    I've choosen CVS for the Content Mgmt to keep informed about the changes someone else makes.

  • The presence

    Right now the machine is running FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE. It has a dual stack architecture of IPv4/IPv6. Most of the services on yauw.de are already IPv6 aware.
    The machine is hosted by noris networks in Nuernberg. They provide 802.1q tagging to receive the IPv4 and the IPv6 vlan. You can see the traffic (based on layer4 or layer3) in the stats page

  • The future

    first improve the content & the writing on the site. Let's see what happens next ...

Giving up and letting go are two different things.

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