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Mobile IPv6
Announcements This project is still running. I will try to keep this page updated.

current project members:
  • Adrian Woizik
  • Daniel Müller
  • Marcin Ladecki
  • Michael Eyer
  • Roger Klose
You can reach us via mail: mipv6 <AT> yauw <DOT> de.

Announcements If you want to know some stuff about MobileIPv6 try the URLs. They all helped us within the project.

Please contact me if you have any additional Informations/URL.

Project Goal
Announcements Our goal is to test several MobileIPv6 implementations. Also try the usability of current implementations. Check how easy it is to set them up, what features/drafts/RFCs they support.
In the future MobileIPv6 could be used to help you stay connected while driving with 120mph on the highway. Therefore it's very important that the handover (the change from one network/ISP to the other) goes fast and smooth. The Applications/protocols on layer4&up should not recognize any changes.

Current status
Announcements Right now we have 2 home agents running with 3 different prefixes and 2 WLAN Access points.
  • FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE with kame kernel
    The machine has a 4 Port DEC network interface card. One interface is connected via crossover to the Access point. Another interface is serving the local ethernet. Every interface has it's own prefix with EUI64 address.
    A mobile node with a home address in the WLAN prefix should be able to use the Ethernet IPv6 prefix for better performance.

  • Linux 2.4.20 with usagi snapshot.
    The other machine should act as foreign agent to the mobile node as soon as the WLAN connection to the FreeBSD box breaks. For faster hand offs it could be necessary to keep track of the link status of different ESSID's. This still has to be tested.

Our private notebooks are all running Linux 2.4.20 with latest usagi-snapshot.

Test Application

We still haven't found the perfect application for our tests. Right now we experimented with gnomemeeting (cvs) and windows media encoder with linux mplayer as clients. The Handover from Router A to Router B takes too long for these applications.
Our tutor suggested to test some low-bandwidth applications first but i think i will keep trying to fix the handover-time.

Suggestions welcome.

I should mention that this project should be sponsored by Hewlett Packard. 
They still were unable to give us some hardware (f.e. some mobile-nodes).  
We're lucky that we have enough private hardware and a fixed-line for testing.
UPDATE: HP has delivered 2 Compaq evo n620c.

Giving up and letting go are two different things.

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